Buenos Aires-based artist Martin Gordopelota has spent the last few years producing a body of work that illuminates a particularly Argentinian subculture of futbol, grilled meats, cold beer and cigarettes. His canvases and murals depict a quotidian side of the game that is often overshadowed by modern football's focus on big money, big brands and big stars. In this film, Gordopelota shows us the real-life source material for his work and gives us a glimpse of both his skills on the pitch and with the brush. 

To see more of Gordopelota's art, read our feature from Victory 12, the print version of which is available for purchase in our shop

Directed and Edited by: 
Orco Videos

The Players:

Produced by:
Peter Macia

Executive Producers:
Chris Isenberg
Kimou Meyer
Aaron Amaro
Stephen Benedek

Special Thanks:
Oro Dembow
Leo Matteoli
El Tinglado Futbol 5
Brian Miller