when the king held court

The King needed to get in shape. By the early seventies, Elvis Presley’s constant touring, hard living, and penchant for overeating had taken their toll. His personal doctor came up with the perfect solution: Take up the highly-kinetic game of racquetball, which was becoming a full-fledged craze in America. When the King Held Court is the story of a how sport goes from prescription to hobby to obsession, a collision of show biz and gym-sweat where stealthy midnight limo rides, make-up artists, and an audience of groupies provide the backdrop for Presley’s surprisingly strong play and uniquely physical style, perhaps inspired by his recent dalliance with karate. Featuring animation by indie comic artist Ben Marra and an original score by Dap-Kings drummer Homer Steinweiss, When the King Held Court lets the key figures around Presley at this time celebrate both the King of Rock ‘n' Roll and his passion for racquetball—a forgotten chapter in both Elvis’s biography and the sports landscape of America in the 1970s.