Writer Brendan O'Connor profiles John Ahearn, the New York-based artist whose sculptures found their way to a wall in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

American Lawn

David Mellor's Major League Baseball dreams were crushed on one unfortunate day. Then he found an innovative new way to change the game.

When The King Held Court

By the early '70s, Elvis Presley’s constant touring, hard living, and penchant for overeating had taken their toll. His personal doctor came up with the perfect solution: Take up racquetball.

Double Vision—Photographing Baseball In Cuba

Two photographers search for the beating heart of Cuban baseball, and come back with new perspectives on an old tradition.

Master of Puppets

After working with Jim Henson, Bonnie Erickson entered into an unexpected career in professional sports: creator of some of the most iconic mascots of all time.


The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge is one of England's most storied competitions, and it's gone largely unchanged for 186 years–until now.

The Decision

Thon Maker, the 7'1" Sudanese-Australian center, has been honing his basketball skills in snowy Orangeville, Ontario–with a promising future in the NBA all but guaranteed, his path is still uncertain.

North Siders

A city is never one thing. It can be good or bad, right or wrong. It changes from day to day and year to year, but in Chicago the consistency of failure is historic.A city is never one thing.

El Porvenir

Abelardo Olguín Cuevas still practices the brutal pastime of cockfighting that his grandfather taught him, as growing controversy and declining interest threatens to make the sport he loves extinct.

The Dawn Patrol

Huntington Beach High School's surf team is focused. They begin practice at dawn, and keep fine-tuning their technique until just before the first school bell rings.

Bruce Davenport Jr: The Game is Mine

From his home in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, artist Bruce Davenport Jr constructs a vibrant, dense world of boxing matches and marching bands.

Glory Days:
W.E. Nola

After losing everything to Hurricane Katrina, Warren Easton's Fighting Eagles entered the Louisiana Superdome for the second time, gunning for their first state title since World War II.

Patriot Games

Fifty miles north of New York City, along the banks of the Hudson River, future US Army officers dedicate what little free time they have to rigorous varsity sports.

The People’s Champs

Chicago's inner city baseball team Jackie Robinson West won the most heavily covered Little League World Series in years—and then it all started to fall apart.

Glory Days:
Wings II

The Bronx's Wings Academy reached New York's PSAL semifinals five times in its short history, but always fell short of a big win. In 2015, they made it for the sixth time.

Glory Days:
Lethal Leon

Leon Lawson III is on his way to becoming a world class boxer, but first he has to manage the expectations of his family of fighters as he gears up to represent the USA in the Junior Men's WC.

The Boys from Donetsk

FC Shakhtar Donetsk is one of the most successful football clubs in Europe—its youth academy among the finest in the world. But Shakhtar’s very existence and identity has been ripped apart...

Grand prix

More than most competitions, Formula I stands outside of time. David Rathman's watercolors of the 2013 Montreal race are testament, at once intensely focused and yet innocently pastoral.

Les Poneys

The most prestigious weekend in European thoroughbred racing takes place in early October, on the banks of the Seine.

Tennis for Savages

Handball was in Jerome Liebling's blood. The legendary photographer spent much of his life documenting its practitioners, from Brooklyn to Miami Beach.

The End of October

The final night of baseball's 2013 season was emotional for the city of Boston. There wasn't just a World Series to be won, but ghosts to be buried.


The NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships is more heartland soul than big-ratings dance. In March 2014, photographer Nils Ericson went to Oklahoma City to witness the American gladiators firsthand.

LeRoy Neiman: Through Line

One of 20th-century America’s best-known painters was also an incredible sketch artist and sports journalist.


In September of 2014, NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series brought the world’s best drivers to Delaware’s legendary Monster Mile.

Mersey Sides

Everton v. Liverpool is one of the oldest local rivalries in organized sports, and a hallmark of the English Premier League's season.

Football Files

NFL Films is pro football’s id. It helped create the sport’s heroes, and popularized them. It also kept one of everything.

Kite Flight

Look up! The skies above Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela, are teeming with pipa battles. Filmmakers Guilherme Tensol and Leandro HBL explored Brasil’s other great sporting culture.

The Squad

The same late-April weekend that the NFL holds its annual college draft, the Dolphins pick the women who will be the team’s cheerleaders for the upcoming season.

Fighting Eagles

Warren Easton is the oldest public high school in New Orleans. In the fall of 2014, its football team was in the midst of a renaissance when photographer Christaan Felber came to document the squa

The Legend of Panther Girl

Wrestler Ann Casey's life is the stuff of pulp dreams. She broke cultural barriers, kissed Elvis, was shot by drug dealers and came back to win The Belt.


Hope rarely shines in Bronx high-school basketball. Yet filmmaker Will Robson-Scott found a ray at Wings Academy, an unlikely contender for the PSAL crown.

The Game

The University of Michigan Wolverines vs. the Ohio State University Buckeyes. On November 30, 2013 their story took yet another turn.

Divine Stampede

The world's oldest horse race takes place on the Piazza del Campo in Siena, twice a summer. Alessandro Simonetti photographed the pageantry, intrigue and violence; Bud Schmeling added the words.


In May 2014, guard Tyrese Rice led Maccabi Electra of Tel Aviv to an astronomical 51st Ligat HaAl crown, and to upset wins over CSKA Moscow and Real Madrid in the Euroleague Final Four.

The Perfect 18

A short film by Mickey Duzyj about Rick Baird, who achieved a sporting feat more rare than pitching a perfect game in the Majors: shooting 18 in putt-putt.

Athleta Original

The brand that immortalized the canarinho kit of Brasil's national futebol team famous stands silent, filled with evidence of beautiful games and memories it inspired.

El Duque – “La Gran Fuga”

“The Great Escape!” The amazing (and true) story of how pitcher Orlando Hernandez defected from Cuba, before becoming a World Series hero.

Transition Game

Basketball's evolution, from all-white to African-American-dominated, coincided with the Civil Rights struggle; and art has quietly documented that historical occurrence, then and now.

Fast Eddie and the Boys

Transplanted New Yorkers find a fountain of youth on the handball courts of Flamingo Park, Miami Beach. This rediscovered short doc brings us deep into the universe glimpsed in

The Greatest

In 1966 and again in 1970, photographer Thomas Hoepker was granted almost-unprecedented access to Muhammad Ali.The results are a full-bodied portrait of one of the 20th Century's most iconic athletes.

Jimmy Snuka – “Superfly”

Jimmy Snuka was a Fijian prince who in the 1980s became one of wrestling’s most admired stars, Superfly.

Texas Six

Deep in the heart of Lone Star, Friday night’s gridiron lights burn brightly—even amid the quietude of desolate places.

Young Lions

Is the future of African basketball being sown at a non-profit academy in a small Senegalese town? Photographer Alessandro Simonetti documented West African hoop dreams and realities.

First Month in Brooklyn

November 2012, the month that big-time basketball finally came to Kings County. Anthony Blasko’s camera documented the Nets, as the team made a new home at the corner of Atlant

Joutes Nautiques

The Mediterranean town of Sète is the de facto capital of maritime jousting, a sporting tradition that dates back to the 15th century. Photographer Christopher Anderson infiltrated th